Atelier Pacific Architecture Inc. (APA) is a full-service practice part of the Group 161 group of companies. APA is licensed and registered in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Our scope of projects includes multi-family residential, recreational, office, community, retail, hospitality and more.

Our Mission: We design sustainable, beautiful and innovative buildings and their environments.

Atelier Pacific Architecture Inc was founded in 1993 and run for many years under one Principal. In 2020 a new, but very well-established owner and Principal purchased the firm, Jessie Arora.

After graduating from the reputed Chandigarh College of Architecture in 1988, Jessie started practicing and built upon his experience by working with various individuals including BV Doshi, recipient of Padma Shri and the fourth-highest civilian award in India and the Pritzker Architecture Prize which is considered one of the most prestigious prizes in architecture. With two other friends as partners, Jessie opened his own firm in Chandigarh and New Delhi, India and worked on architectural projects until 2001 when he moved to Vancouver with his wife and two children. The initial move was challenging, had to start from scratch but that was no deterrent in keeping aloof from plans and dreams. Jessie navigated his way constructively by starting off with building houses and shortly after, Jessie got his first break.

In 2010, Jessie went a step further and acquired a registration license to practice as an architect in Canada. This was the monumental curve in Jessie’s career and resulted in the launch of DF Architecture Inc. that he has fostered from a small firm to now, with Atelier Pacific Architecture Inc. and their sister firm, being a part of the new and ever-growing Group 161.

The values of design excellence, sustainability and the experience of our architects, has and will continue to form Atelier Pacific Architecture Inc.