BlueShore Financial

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1250 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver, BC

Project Credit: Atelier Pacific Architecture Inc. and EHS Design Inc.

Located on a hillside site in North Vancouver, the 60,000 square foot three storey BlueShore Financial Head Office/Financial Spa reflects the changing direction of the financial institution as well as a focusing on its rebranded identity. It serves simultaneously as a prototype and a flagship for their brand.

From the moment one approaches the entrance from the outdoor plaza, the banks philosophy is evident. A basalt boulder water source with bubbling jets symbolize one’s turbulent financial situation. The water feature flows through a series of weirs and gradually calming waters, to the interior ‘river’ of polished river rock that directs one to the main atrium stairs.

The black slate stairs leads one to the second floor and out to a zen garden, to symbolize how the financial institution will help lead one to financial wellness.

Clients are greeted by a concierge in front of a curving backlit onyx feature wall. They are accompanied into the adjacent compass room and served a cool towel and beverage while they await their financial representative.

The teller ‘pods’ at the end of the atrium are framed by a curving ‘bamboo wall’, complete with a 3-Form origami feature.

The atrium space is a three storey volume with a curving staircase which can also house large public gatherings. The second floor guardrail has been widened into a ledge to use as an elbow ledge/drink counter during public events.

An Immaginovation Lab visible from the front entrance showcases new trends and technologies of BlueShore and their corporate partners.

A spectacular 36 foot high ‘Engagement Wall’ with clustered wood columns and a oversized LED image curtain provide a mix of natural materials and revolutionary graphics/visual technology.
The second floor feature meeting room visible over the teller pods serves as a public interface for groups/individuals meeting with the bank executive. From the live edge table, bamboo forest and wood crate ceilings, the room envelopes the occupants in a spa-like atmosphere.

The executive suite, boardroom facilities and the more public departments occupy the readily accessible second floor while the less public departments occupy the top floor. The staff training facilities are adjacent to a large outdoor deck with a glazed roof pavilion that provides shelter for outdoor staff meetings and brainstorming sessions, while allowing for inspiration by the spectacular views to the water and City of Vancouver.