Maple Heights Village

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11305 240th Street, Maple Ridge, B.C.

This 167 unit townhouse project respects and is informed by the natural landscape of the area, especially its steep grades and setting, and through its design, accessibility and viewscapes attempts to foster a friendly and safe pedestrian environment.

Existing topography is respected, the development follows the lines of the land with minimum regrading and tree clearing. Design and siting of buildings protects access to natural features and views, enhances privacy and livability.

Design and siting of buildings creates a pedestrian oriented, walkable, easily accessible and safe community to maximize pedestrian access throughout the development.

Large outdoor amenity areas as well as a system of linear parks (‘parkettes’) / greenways link up the development with a regional public greenway. The environmental protected area creates a natural buffer between this development and existing adjacent single family housing. Series of Landmark Gateways / Entry Features are proposed at the sites perimeter and at significant transition corners to create public gathering spaces and foster a specific ‘sense of place’.